30. Keyboard Monument


Author of the project idea A. Vyatkin

This is the first land-art sculpture in Ekaterinburg dedicated to the electronic keyboard. In 2005 it was created by, A Vyatkin, who was looking for a ‘symbol of the era’. The artist suddenly saw this monument as a place where two spaces intersect: the real and the virtual.It looks like a gigantic computer keyboard with 104 concrete keys. The keys are located in the hollows with intervals of 15 cm. The weight of each key reaches up to 80 kg. The surface of the keys is flat with relief signs for the alphabet and functional symbols, located in the same order as a real keyboard.

The concrete keyboard has also come to symbolize the integration of communication between Europe and Asia.

The local IT-community treats the sculpture with great respect calling it ‘Our Klava’, which is the popular term for a keyboard in Russia.

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