29. House of Chuvil’din

Памятник Beatles

Project author V. Okladnikov

Chuvildin's apartment house on the banks of the Iset is another building of the ‘brick’ style fashionable at the beginning of the twentieth century. It has some unusual architectural features and was built with the use of ladders on the steep bank of the river Iset. The townspeople immediately called it ‘Slanting’ - not because it was crooked, but because of its unusual shape.To see the front of the building you have to bend around the building clockwise. The eastern and southern sides of the house are more beautiful and artistically decorated. 

This house is the only one of its kind in Ekaterinburg. When the Keyboard Monument was constructed nearby,  residents of the city started joking that the house and the monument together looked like a big computer and system unit.

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