27. House of the Scriabina

 Дом Скрябиных

Gorky Street, 6
Architect M.L. Reutov

This house is an example of the eclectic building style of the end of 19th century. The architect was Mikhail Lvovich Reutov, who was a city architect in 1869–1884. He advocated the uniformity of the urban style and sought to bring the appearance of Ekaterinburg in line with the urban plan. This stone one-stored building has a small basement and is typical of the houses of local middle-class merchants of this period.

The main facade with its striking exterior dominates the overall house composition. Decorative details include: blades in piers, double-part frontons above the windows and arcade bands. The reliefs of small geometric patterns are distinctive forms from the end of the 19th and early 20th centuries.

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