23. The Ekaterinburg Opera and Ballet Theater

Театр оперы и балета

Lenin Avenue, 46
The author of the project is V.I. Semenov

The fundraising for this baroque building was initiated by the citizens of Ekaterinburg, who wanted a theatre as distinctive as the theatres in the capital. It opened in 1912 with a successful performance of the opera by Glinka ‘ A life for the Tsar’. After the October Revolution 1917, the Ekaterinburg Soviet of Workers 'and Soldiers' Deputies announced the establishment of a new regime from the stage of the theater. Then during the Soviet period it was called ‘the laboratory of soviet opera’, often with the inscription: ‘the right of the first performance belongs to the theater’ appearing in the playbills.

In 1981–1982, reconstruction of the building took place: the facade was renovated, the interior repainted and new chairs were installed. During the year of the centenary anniversary, another reconstruction took place which included installing the latest theatre technology. The theatre presents of full program of opera and ballet and is where you can see the Russian classics performed at a high standard.

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