19. The House of General Kachka. The Ekaterinburg Museum of History

Музей истории Екатеринбурга

Karl Liebknecht street, 26

This stone building was constructed in 1820 by postmaster Gavrila Laishevsky. Initially it was a dwelling house and hotel for travellers and postal workers. In 1830 the house was sold to Gavrila Kachka, a prominent mining specialist, and his family. They belonged to a very significant social circle of mining engineers but in the 1880’s the Kachkas left the house and dispersed all over the country.

It then served as a tavern and belonged to Vikenty A. Poklevskih-Kozell. He had a retail monopoly on alcohol in the Urals; he even finished the family-name abbreviation PK with a crown and turned it into a brand — Potatory King. After the revolution, the house was nationalized and became a block of communal flats. In 1939 the Memorial Museum of the famous local resident, Yakov Sverdloff, was opened in the building. A new life for the museum began in 1992 when it was re-organized as the Ekaterinburg Museum of History.

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