12. Sevastyanov Mansion

Дом Севастьянова

Lenin Avenue, 35
Architect A.I. Paduchev

This mansion has changed its structure, exterior and owners many times since it was first built in 1817. It is generally considered one of the most beautiful buildings in Ekaterinburg. The current and unusual style of the mansion dates from 1863. Is hard to define, but the then owner is reported to have said “the more the better, money is not an issue”. This owner was Nikolay Sevastyanov, a mining official who had made his fortune in the delivery of Ural metals during the Crimean War. The architect was A. I. Paduchev, and he was responsible for decorating the house with its complicated Moorish ornaments and Gothic features.

There are many stories about Sevastyanov's Mansion. According to one of the stories, Sevastyanov wanted to finish the roof of the rotunda with gold. However the Tsar would not give permission, saying that only the domes of churches could be finished with gold. According to another story Sevastyanov was actually very modest and rented his house and lived in a smaller dwelling. Later Sevastyanov sold the house to the District Court.

During the Soviet period the building was occupied by the Regional Council of Labour Unions. In 2008, the decision was made to begin restoration work and in 2009 the house became the Residence of the President of the Russian Federation.

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