10. Monument to a Alexander Popov

Памятник Попову

Sculptor V.E. Egorov

In 1975 the monument to the inventor of the radio, A. S. Popov, was erected in Ekaterinburg. It is a cast-iron sculpture painted in bronze and created by the sculptor,Vladimir Egorov. The scientist is depicted sitting on a bench in a thinking pose and listening to a radio receiver.

Every year on May 7, students and graduates of the radio faculty of Ural State Technology Institute clean the monument and then hold a festive procession along Lenin Avenue ending at Popov’s monument. In 1986 the Museum of Radio, named after Popov, opened in Ekaterinburg. It is located in the house where the scientist lived with his elder sister and her husband. A central street in Ekaterinburg and the Radio Technical College are also named after him.

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