8. The Chapel of Saint Catherine

Часовня Святой Екатерины

The chapel was built in 1998 on the spot where the very first church of Ekaterinburg stood in the 18th century. In 1723 the church of the future capital of the Urals was founded here. It was constructed of wood and named after St. Catherine, the patroness of mining. Due to a fire in the 1840’s the church was replaced by the Grand Catherine’s Cathedral. In 1930 the church was closed and was later demolished. Its patterned iron plates were laid on the floor of a cast-iron shop at the new Uralmash plant.

In 1991 the square was marked with a memorial cross. And in 1998 the current small five-domed chapel was consecrated on the spot where the original cathedral’s altar had been. In 2003 a capsule containing soil from the burial site of the founder of the city, Vasily Tatishchv, was placed in the chapel.

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