7. Monument to V. N. Tatishchev and V. I. de Gennin

Татищев и де Генин

Sculptor P. Chusovitin

The monument to the founders of the city, Vasily Tatishchev and Wilhelm de Gennin, appeared in 1998 to honour of the 275th anniversary of the city. Tatishchev was supposed to be the sole founder of the city. In his work to reform and develop the mining factories, he came into conflict with a powerful local family, the Demidovs. Accused of financial fraud, bribery and embezzlement he was placed under investigation.

Peter the Great did not dismiss Tatishchev from his post, but sent him to the town of Gennin, instructing him to look after its construction. Major-General, V. I. de Gennin was sent to the Urals in Tatishchev’s place. He started the construction of a factory on the area previously chosen by Tatishchev and successfully completed the project.

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