4. The Young Workers Quay

Вид на набережную рабочей молодежи


This wonderful embankment, situated on the right side of the Lsetsky artificial lake, is one of the oldest streets of the city. Ekaterinburg was founded in 1723 as part of Peter the Great’s push to exploit the Ural region’s mineral riches. Originally built as a factory fortress the houses of the commanders’ were built on this side of the lake.

In the first half of the ninteenth century the architects,Sviyazev and Malakhov, decorated the embankment with two stone buildings in the classical style: theHouse of the Governor of the Mining Factories of the Uralsand theHouse of the Merchant Pshenichnikov. Their construction coincided with the start of the gold rush in Yekaterinburg.

In 2011, in connection with the 150th anniversary of Gymnasium No. 9, the question of returning the embankment to a former name was put forward at the Public Chamber of Ekaterinburg. There was also a proposal for new variants of the name. After discussions it was agreed to use the name ‘Embankment of Working Youth’.

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