3. Gymnasium for males. Gymnasium Number 9

Гимназия №9

33 Lenin Avenue
Architect K. G. Tursky

The first Gymnasium for males in Ekaterinburg took the name of the Emperor Alexander II and opened its doors on  22nd of November 1861. This was the year of the abolition of serfdom in Russia and the demand for educated people was high. Initially the Gymnasium, whose status is higher than a public school, occupied the second floor of the building. In 1879 all the building became the property of the Gymnasium.

Since then it has hosted schools and educational institutions. The exceptions were during years of the revolution when it was the headquarters of the Red Army and during the Second World War, 1941-1943, when it was equipped as a hospital. Currently the building belongs to the city and is named Gymnasium No.9. It is widely considered to be one of the best co-educational schools in Ekaterinburg.

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